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Β Fire Pit Tables from The Great Fire Company are the perfect outdoor entertainment accessory, combining the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fire pit with the convenience and functionality of a table. You can explore tons of options to choose from.

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Overview of Fire Pit Tables

A fire pit table is a versatile piece of outdoor furniture that brings together the cozy atmosphere of a campfire with a functional table surface. It allows you to enjoy the warmth and glow of a fire while providing a convenient place to set drinks, snacks, or even rest your feet. Fire pit tables come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and fuel options, making them adaptable to any outdoor living space, from small patios to expansive backyards. You can also explore fire bowls.

Fire Pit Table Product Types

The Great Fire Company offers a wide range of fire pit tables to suit different preferences and needs. The main product types include rectangular, round, square, and oval fire pit tables, as well as dining height and coffee table options.

Rectangular Fire Pit Tables

Rectangular fire pit tables are perfect for larger gatherings or for those who prefer a more linear, modern look. They typically range from 60" to 72" in length and 18" to 24" in height, providing ample space for seating and table surface area. Rectangular tables are great for creating a focal point in your outdoor living area and can even serve as a divider between different zones.

Round Fire Pit TablesΒ 

Round fire pit tables, usually 47" to 48" in diameter, create a more intimate and inclusive setting, allowing everyone to face each other and engage in conversation. The circular shape promotes a sense of unity and equality, making it ideal for smaller groups or family gatherings. Round tables also work well in spaces with limited square footage, as they take up less visual space than rectangular or square options.

Square Fire Pit Tables

Square fire pit tables offer a balance between the linear look of rectangular tables and the inclusive feel of round ones. Ranging from 25.5" to 60" in size, square tables provide a generous surface area while maintaining a compact footprint. They work well in both modern and traditional settings and can be easily incorporated into existing outdoor furniture arrangements.

How to Choose a Fire Pit Table

When selecting a fire pit table, consider your outdoor space, intended use, and personal style.Β 

  • Space and Usage: If you have a large patio or deck and entertain big groups, a rectangular or oval dining height table is ideal. For smaller spaces or intimate gatherings, a round por square coffee table works well.Β 

  • Fuel type: Natural gas fire pit tables are perfect if you have an existing gas line, Propane tables offer flexibility and placement, as the tank can be stored within the table base.

  • Material and Finish: Powder coated steel is durable and weather-resistant. Stainless steel provides a sleek, modern look, while aluminium frames are lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to move. Choose a colour and finish that complement your existing outdoor decor for a cohesive look.Β 

  • Additional features: Consider adjustable flame settings, electronic ignition, or smartphone control for added convenience and customization.Β 

The Great Fire Company offers a diverse selection of high-quality fire pit tables to suit any outdoor living space, style, and budget. Whether you're looking to extend the use of your patio into cooler months, create a cozy ambiance for gatherings, or simply enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire, our fire pit tables provide the perfect solution. Browse our collection today and discover the perfect fire pit table to enhance your outdoor experience.

Everything you Need to Know about Fire Pit Tables

For many families and individuals who live in homes with a small exterior yard area, having a bonfire at night might seem like an activity that can only be enjoyed during your yearly family camping trip. Building a large and expansive fire pit in your yard requires a bit of space, and not everyone is fortunate to have that at their disposition. Fortunately, with a fire pit table, families and homeowners can create the perfect space for enjoying an outdoor fire, even if your β€œback yard” is nothing more than a small deck connected to your living room. In this short article, we will explain the advantages of investing in a fire pit table and what you should look for when purchasing a fire pit table for your property.

Fire Pit Tables: A Perfect Way to Enjoy your Outdoor Living Areas Even in Cool Weather

According to new research conducted on behalf of the International Casual Furnishings Association, an incredible 86 percent of households in the United States have some sort of outdoor living space connected to their home. Whether that is a small deck, or a complete, luxurious outdoor kitchen and dining area, outdoor living areas are a fantastic way to increase the β€œsquare footage” of your homeΒ΄s livable area without having to invest in major home renovations.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of households essentially abandon their outdoor living areas as soon as the fall weather turns unbearably cold. As soon as you cannot enjoy a relaxing evening on your back deck because the cold is a bit too much, most people cover up their outdoor furniture and take their entertaining inside. What if there was a relatively simple and inexpensive way to renovate your outdoor living area so as to be able to better enjoy that space, even during the coldest and darkest months of the year?

A fire pit table is a piece of exterior furniture that comes with a table and a flame centerpiece where people can enjoy the warmth, glow, and light of a fire. The β€œtable” part of the fire pit table can be used to place drinks or appetizers, while the β€œpit” is where a small fire is lit to keep those around it warm. Fire pit tables can be fuelled by a wide range of materials, firewood, gas, and even coal. A fire pit table, besides being extremely functional, is also a statement piece that comes in many designs and styles.

Top 3 Reasons to Purchase a Fire Pit Table

So why exactly should you decide to purchase a fire pit table instead of opting for an outside heater or a permanent fire pit? Below, we take a look at the top four reasons to choose a fire pit table for your outdoor living area.

  • Extend the β€œUsefulness” of your Outdoor Living Area: If the evenings in your area start to get cold around October, and it doesn’t start to warm up until the month of March, then most people essentially abandon their outdoor patios, exterior dining areas, and other types of outdoor living areas for half the year. With a fire pit table, however, you should find that your family and your guests can comfortably enjoy the cool fall evenings and even mild winter weather. A fire pit table not only offers warmth and light, but also encourages people to gather together around the fire, creating a perfect ambiance for family time or for entertaining guests.
  • Convenience and Versatility: Of course, a regular fire pit would also create a nice place for people to gather around outside during the cooler months of the year. However, a fire pit generally requires a professional mason for stacking and cementing the blocks, bricks, or stones, and any permanent seating you might also choose to include. Once the fire pit is built, it is most likely not going anywhere. With a fire pit table, however, homeowners can easily move the table to whatever part of your outdoor living area that you are using at that time. For example, if you are having company over for a fall barbecue, the fire pit table can easily be moved to your grilling area so that people can stay warm while the steaks are on the grill.
  • Affordability and that Natural Feel: Lastly, a fire pit table is also the most affordable solution for outdoor heating. A regular fire pit will generally require specialized labor to install, and outdoor gas heaters can be expensive. A fire pit table, on the other hand, is generally more affordable, and the only β€œinstallation” required is deciding where you want to place the fire pit table. Furthermore, fire pit tables offer a natural, nostalgic form of warmth and light that give you that β€œcamping” ambiance that many people enjoy.

What to Consider When Buying a Fire Table

The fire pit tabletop market is broad, even when you're looking only at our curated collection, so finding the perfect model for your home requires some research and consideration. We offer top-notch assistance through our product specialist team, but if you're shopping on your own or just looking at what we offer ahead of time, it's good to keep these factors in mind:

  • Fuel Type - Fire features are generally fueled by either natural gas or propane. Both are clean-burning fuels, but propane fire pit tables are generally more popular as they provide storage space for the propane tank. A propane outdoor fire pit table is one of the simplest ways to add a fire feature to your home.
  • Shape and Size - With round, square and rectangular options, there's sure to be an outdoor fire pit table that works for just about any space you're looking to finish. Table height is also something to keep in mind, with options ranging from dining-style designs to shorter fire pit coffee tables to suit your needs. Overall size can vary widely as well. We carry centerpiece tables that are as much as 12 feet long as well as fire pit end tables only a couple feet across, so there's something for any use case.
  • Price - While our offerings tend toward the upper end of the spectrum, they still cover a broad spectrum of price points, so there's something for nearly any budget, give us a call or message our live chat to see what deals we can offer you. It's also important to keep in mind that you truly do get what you pay for. A cheap fire table is likely to give out after a couple summers, while the units we sell are designed to last for many years, with stainless steel components that resist corrosion, costing you less in the long run.
  • Design - When you're shopping for a fire table with Firepits Direct, you know you're only seeing high-quality products that are built to last. This means you can turn your attention to finding a table gas fire pit that suits your existing decor and preferences. We carry them in a variety of colors and finishes to match any design scheme. Your choice of fire media also comes into play. Many of our fire tables come with either traditional lava rocks or more modern fire glass beads. We also sell these upgrades separately, allowing you to customize your fire feature.
  • Features - Our fire table offerings run the gamut from no-frills units designed to keep things simple to highly technical fire features that can be controlled with your smartphone or put on a timer. Which you prefer is a matter of taste, but it's an important factor to keep in mind while shopping.

What Factors to Take into Consideration when Purchasing a Fire Pit Table?

As we have seen above, a fire pit table offers a simple, practical and affordable way to extend the usefulness of your outdoor living area while also creating a unique ambiance for your family and guests. When purchasing the best fire pit table, it is important to take into consideration a few of the following factors.

Type of Fuel

Do you prefer the natural feel of a wood fire, or do you prefer the ease and convenience of a gas fire? In general, fire pit tables that are fuelled by gas can be instantly turned on and obviously don’t create any sort of smoke. The downside of a gas fire pit table is that you will most likely not be able to move the table due to the gas connection. With firewood, on the other hand, you can more easily move the table, though you will have to have a supply of dry firewood and experience in building and maintaining a fire. You might also consider using charcoal, as this creates a smaller β€œflame” than regular firewood, but still allows you to move the fire pit table if you so desire.

Type of Materials

You also need to take into consideration what type of material the fire pit table and the surrounding outdoor furniture will be made of. Heavy duty, powder-coated steel offers durability, though it is certainly harder to move. Rattan-style furniture can be combined with a fire pit table for a natural look and easier mobility. Stainless steel fire pit tables offer a sleek, modern look, but are generally the most expensive option on the market, while aluminum frames for the fire pit table are lightweight, resilient, and combines nicely with outdoor aluminum furniture.

Fire Pit Table FAQs

Are fire pit tables safe?

Yes. If you opt for a gas-powered fire pit table, these can be placed safely on a wood deck or patio without much concern. If you opt for a charcoal or firewood fuelled fire pit table, you will need to ensure that the table is located away from any plants, wooden railings, and far enough away from your home so that sparks do not create a fire hazard.

Can you put a fire pit table on a wood deck?

Yes, you can put a CSA-certified propane or natural gas fire pit table on a wood deck if it has proper heat shielding and meets the manufacturer's guidelines for clearances from walls and ceilings.

What are the best fire pit tables?

The best fire pit tables are made with durable materials like concrete, have CSA certification for safety, and offer features like adjustable flame height and electronic ignition. Look for models from reputable brands with good customer reviews.

How much heat does a fire pit table give off?

A mid-size gas-powered fire pit table could put out 50,000 BTU. A quality fire pit table is a great option for keeping your family and your guests warm during a cool fall or winter evening.

Can you roast marshmallows over a gas fire pit table?

It is not recommended to roast marshmallows or cook food over a gas fire pit table. Gas fire tables are designed for ambiance and warmth, not cooking, and may release chemicals that can contaminate food.

How long do fire pit tables last?

The lifespan of a fire pit table depends on its materials, construction quality, and maintenance. High-quality fire pit tables made with durable materials like steel or concrete can last 5 years or more with proper care.

Can you put a fire pit table under a pergola?

Fire pit tables should only be placed under a pergola if there is sufficient clearance from the ceiling and walls, as specified by the manufacturer. It is best to consult the product manual for guidance on safe placement.

What do you put in a fire pit table?

Fire pit tables can be filled with fire glass, lava rocks, or ceramic logs as decorative media. These materials help distribute the flame and create a visually appealing look. Use the manufacturer's recommendations for the appropriate type and amount of media.